Statement on Undoing Racism

In light of the tragic murder of George Floyd, among the most recent of a long list of acts of injustice and cruelty against people of color, the Division of Musicology and Ethnomusicology, stresses our commitment for inclusion, understanding, and support of our underrepresented members, and especially those who identify as Black. As underlined in the powerful and eloquent statement of the College of Fine Arts Diversity Committee at UT, and in the messages sent by our interim President, Jay Hartzell, and the Dean of Fine Arts, Douglas Dempster, our faculty and students of color are valued, important, and necessary. We are committed to ensure that even within our small group our efforts for positive change are ingrained into every aspect of our life as citizens and scholars. We all need to do our part not only to oppose but to undo systemic racism and white supremacy, which have been perpetrated against people of color for centuries. No one can remain silent and indifferent.

We suggest visiting the College of Fine Arts Diversity Committee website (link above) and especially their list of resources, which provides crucial suggestions for allies to take responsibility for self-education and contribution.

We can only foster hope and pursue change through solidarity. And while solidarity can take many forms, it is always nurtured by empathy, our ability to feel for one another.