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The Tex-Mex Conjunto was established at UT Austin Fall 2006. Under the instruction of Joel Guzman (accordion) and J.J. Barrera (bajo sexto), students have the opportunity to learn a repertoire of Texas Mexican music. There are no auditions, and the ensemble welcomes all levels from beginner to advanced. Reading notation is not required. Students learn how to play melodies, rhythms, and instrumentals from a variety of Tex-Mex traditions. Instruments are provided and students may bring their own. Singing in Spanish (and English) is encouraged.

Works to be studied and/or performed include the following Tejano (Texan) conjunto dance rhythms: polkas, waltzes, redovas, mazurkas, schottizes, danzones, paso dobles, boleros, cumbias and huapangos. It is possible, based upon student interest, that other traditional working class music such as zydeco, cajun, country western, blues, rock n’ roll, and swamp pop may also be explored.

Rehearsals and Performances
One concert performance is required, usually scheduled for Thursday evening on the 13th week of the semester. One extra dress rehearsal is required in preparation. The dates of these events are listed on the syllabus handed out during the first class meeting. In addition, ensemble members can volunteer for performance opportunities during the semester. The instructor on a strictly volunteer basis in which a small version of the ensemble is recruited for a particular event solicits performances for these events. These possibilities can and have included: outreach to public schools; festival performances; in-community events; exhibitions.

Community Outreach
The University of Texas College of Fine Arts / Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music as well as the Center for Mexican-American Studies support this ensemble. Those who share an interest in the music and cultural practices of the Tejano/Texan world considerably enrich our activities.

How to join
When: Tuesday 6-9pm
Where: MRH 6.252
How to register: Open enrollment, ENS 106C/186C/096C. Visit Course Schedules for more information.
Instruments: 3-row button accordion, bajo sexto, drums, bass, percussion and voice.

For more information, please visit the group’s Facebook page or contact Joel Guzman or JJ Barrera.