Hispanic Caribbean Ensemble

The University of Texas Hispanic Caribbean Ensemble is a group comprised of students, most enrolled in degree programs within the Butler School of Music. A few have ties to the Caribbean or Latin America, but many have little firsthand knowledge of the languages and cultural forms associated with its many regions. All, however, have expressed a desire to learn more about Caribbean music and culture. It encourages participation by the general student body.

The ensemble specializes in music of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean (from Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic) and circum-Caribbean (coastal Venezuela, Colombia, and Central America). The ensemble performs both acoustic music involving percussion, guitar, singers, bass, and perhaps solo instruments, as well as electrified dance music (salsa, merengue, chachachá,) involving percussion, horns/violins, singers, piano, and bass.

Rehearsal take place on Wednesday nights. The first hour and a half (5-6:30PM) will be devoted to dance repertory, and the second (6:30-8PM) to acoustic music involving string instruments, voices, and hand percussion. Additionally, we will schedule shorter sectional rehearsals for the following groups as necessary: rhythm section, percussion, guitarists, singers.

How to join
When: Wednesday nights 5-8pm
Where: MRH 6.252
How to register: open enrollment. ENS 106K
Instruments: Latin percussion, horns, keyboard, bass, guitar, vocals

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For more information, please contact Prof. Robin Moore.